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Products Introduction  

FP modified sine wave inverter is affordable device for car or power supply system that is not high quality demand. It convert 12V/24VDC to 100-120V/220-240V AC, you can power for your electric appliances continuously. There is DC cable with cigarette lighter plug and the DC cable clips included in packing, you can use in your car by plug into cigarette lighter socket or directly with batteries. The optional USB output port offers one more choice for user. It can charge for some digital equipment as you want.

Products Highlights  

·Anodized aluminum case provides durability & max heat dissipation

·DC cigarette lighter accessory plug and heavy –duty cable clamps for high-output direct battery connections both included.

·Automatic restart function.

·USB output port : 5V500mA (optional )

·Two LED indicators on the front panel shows the working and failure state

·ON/OFF switch control the inverter by hand

·The inverter is compact, light weight and easy to operate.

·Loads can be powered directly from the AC outlets.

·The inverter is equipped with numerous protection features to guarantee safe and trouble-free

  ·150W Inverter       298.71KB Modfied Wave Inverter
  ·300W Inverter       337.70KB Modfied Wave Inverter
  ·500W Inverter       313.63KB Modfied Wave Inverter
  ·1000W Inverter       259.98KB Modfied Wave Inverter
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