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Products Introduction  
The minimum charging current of this waterproof solar controller can be up to 10mA, which assures normal charging in the poor light in cloudy and rainy days. This waterproof solar controller adopts fully sealed waterproof design and infrared remote control technology. Without buttons and equipment exposed outside, this solar controller is really waterproof and dustproof and anticorrosive.
Products Highlights  

1) This waterproof solar controller adopts fully sealed waterproof design, and protection grade reaches IP67, which assures that the controller can be used in any bad conditions;
2) This waterproof solar controller adopts aluminum housing design, and is filled with high heat conductivity sealant, which assures great heat dissipation;
3) This waterproof solar controller adopts intelligent program control, which assures high stability;
4) This waterproof solar controller adopts intelligent MCT charging mode, which assures high charging efficiency and great low current charging ability;
5) Flexible and adjustable working parameter makes the controller adapt to different solar systems;
6) External temperature sensor assures real-time temperature compensation;
7) This solar controller can withstand from -35º C to 60º C high and low temperature, so it can adapt to extreme temperature.
(8) 12V 24V auto switch
(9) The solar controller can be connected to computer through infrared communication technology, and then the parameters can be read or set on the computer.

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