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Products Introduction  

15A to 80A Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) controller employs a technology, which can rapidly regulate the working voltage of solar panels, and let them always work at Maximum Power Point of I-V curve based on varied temperature. It maximizes the energy harvest by improving the efficiency up to 30% from solar panel than traditional controllers.

Products Highlights  

1, MPPT charge mode, conversion efficiency up to 99%
2, 12V/24V/48V system auto working regulation 
3, Wide acceptance on PV input voltage range, max. at DC150V

4, Four stages charge algorithm: bulk, constant, floating and equalizing.

5, Capable of charging various kinds of batteries

6, LED display for below 30A, LCD/LED optional for 45A to 80A,

7, Extensive Networking and Communications features

8, Temperature Compensation available

9, Robust thermal design for below 60A and with cooling fan combination for 80A 

10, Metering and Data Logging

11, High reliable quality and performance


  ·15A/30A        637.75KB MPPT Controller
  ·45A/60A/80A        475.44KB MPPT Controller
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