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Products Introduction  
FP LCD display charge controller are developed and engineered with the latest technical standards, representing the most innovative technology in the industry, the Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) battery charging can greatly increase the lifetime of battery. It is ideal solution for application where the data needs to be read and recorded including small off-grid solar power system, for example: solar home system, ships, self-service base station, outposts,
Products Highlights  

1, the charge controller recognizes 12V/24V/48  system automatically.

3. LCD display various parameters of charge and discharge, easy to read

4. Boost charge voltage and battery low voltage protection point can be adjustable

5. Three stage PWM charging mode available to improve battery lifespan

6. Load output can be manually controlled

7. with high-precision temperature compensation feature

8 With full electronic protection

  ·10-30A       667.71KB LCD Display Controller
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