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Products Introduction  

FP prime quality 3 in One Design Inverter Charger with build-in solar charge controller is an innovative product developed as a professional solution for off-grid solar power system. With reliable performance, it can lead all kinds of loads.


It introduces power frequency and integration Technology maximizing its energy efficiency to higher standard. The inverter charger provide users as an ideal solution for off-grid solar power system as constant main power supply system for those can not get utility connected, plus it presents a superiors performance on telecommunications application to support continuous operation and caravan and marine to charge battery and convert DC to AC as power supply.

Products Highlights  

Professional solution for off-grid solar power system

3 in One design high integration minimizes power loss and makes installation easier

MMPT solar Charger: Max. solar power up to 3120W

BTS: capable to sensor battery tempt for compensation (optional)

High conversion efficiency, low idle consumption, higher energy harvest.

Outstanding capability to withstand high starting surge power

Powerful and intelligent multi-stage charger with adjustable current charging

Auto Transfer Switches: DC-AC conversion, bypass, AC charger and UPS

Full protections guarantee the reliable operation performance

DIP switch available: Battery/ AC power priority, lower battery, AC input range, power saver, O/P frequency 

Solar Power and AC Power priority mode shifting by build-in switch

Dry contact- start generator to lead load and charging (optional)

Output Voltage AVR feature (optional)

Start Auto restart when AC power is recovering (optional)

Multi-input available- Utility or generator power sources

Compatible to charge multi type batteries including lithium Lon battery

Remote control/Monitoring RJ45/RS232: PTM-9 or PTM-12(optional)

  ·2000W HPT 3 in 1 Serial       419.36KB Inverter/Charger/MPPT Controller
  ·3000W HPT 3 in 1 Serial       659.42KB Inverter/Charger/MPPT Controller
  ·4000W HPT 3 in 1 Serial       648.14KB Inverter/Charger/MPPT Controller
  ·5000W HPT 3 in 1 Serial       696.47KB Inverter/Charger/MPPT Controller
  ·10kW HPT 3 in 1 Serial       341.79KB Inverter/Charger/MPPT Controller
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