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Products Introduction  

By the use of concrete or ramming foundations, the FP ground mounted systems can be built on almost any substrates, for example, also on conversion areas. In the planning of every system we focus on structural safety and we develop them individually on the basis of structural and analysis software. Every system is optimized to meet the conditions of the location and the dominant snow and wind loads there, as well as the individual composition of the ground. The systems can just as easily be installed level to the ground as flush i.e. flat on the ground. Our solar mounting systems are therefore just as flexible as your requirements.

Products Highlights  

Rack system for concrete foundations

Installation-friendly thanks to ideally coordinated components

Individual planning and statics for each system

Very attractive price-performance ratio

Statically calculated for different European countries

Modular structure suitable for any system size

Field of application

Ground mounted

Type of soil

Almost all soil classes

PV modules

Suitable for all standard module types

Module orientation

2 x horizontal / 4 x vertical


Al-6005-T5,galvanized steel

Connecting elements

Stainless steel screws A2-70

Static principles

Calculation principles in accordance with Eurocode9-dimensioning and design of aluminum frames; load assumption in accordance with DIN 1055/ Eurocode1

Span width

3 - 4 m

System components

Individual planning


Rack, Self-tapping Screw, mid and end clamp sets, channel nut

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