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Product's Applications
Products Introduction  

FP Flat Roof System is engineered for the maximum flexibility possible in designing and planning for the commercial and industry roof solar system. It is applicable to install the standard framed module to flush with the flat roof. The special extruded aluminum rail, the tilt-in module, the clamp kit and the various components can be high pre-assembly and make the installation easy and quick to save your labor cost and time. The customized length can eliminate the weld and cut onsite to keep the high anticorrosive performance, the structure strength and the appearance.

Products Highlights  

The fixed / adjustable triangle system can be used on flat and sloped roofs

Each triangle is an optimized solution through project-specific customization

High flexibility - for all module types

High-quality materials - for long service life

Modular structure suitable for any system size

Ballast using PE plate or loading system

Rapid construction

Centric power dissipation

Robust aluminum construction

Cost module mounting system

Various combinations


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